Welcome to MARCS Foundation

We have established MARCs Foundation to raise awareness of the growing problem of death by suicide in our culture today. Suicide is one of the top 10 causes of death in the US and top 3 of our young adults, ages 18-24. Over 40,000 die by suicide each and every year.  Additionally in our armed forces, suicide takes a life approximately every 18 hours, higher than combat related deaths. We started the Foundation in 2014 after losing Marc Abrams (26) to suicide which shook our world (read more about Marc’s Story) and began to talk about suicide and mental illness. We had several of you that wanted to help us to educate, fund research and generally spread the word. We did quite a bit of research to see what organizations existed that aligned with our mission and helped to fund quite a few of these with your generous donations – thank you. We realized that with our existing and on-going explorations to identify organizations that can make a difference for all of us and our generations to come, we would establish this site and Foundation as a “conduit” to help fund those that are laser focused on specific aspects that align with our core mission to “get the word out” and drive research and education. In line with this goal to establish a conduit, check out the “Get Involved” tab and if you would like to help us in our cause, click on one or more of our “favorites” and hope that you are able to make a donation directly to one of these organizations. We’d like to thank you for your support, The Abrams Family

Congressional Hearing on Suicide Awareness and Prevention (Well worth taking 23 mins to watch this – please!)